• C31N1411 Battery For Asus UX305CA UX305FA U305CA U305FA U305UA

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    • Model: Asus C31N1411 Battery
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    C31N1411 Battery For Asus U305CA U305FA U305UA UX305CA UX305FA U305F U305L U305

    Battery Replacement Part Numbers:

    Battery Fit Laptop Models:
    Asus U305F U305L U305 Battery

    Voltage: 11.4V / Capacity: 45Wh
    Chemical: Li-ion
    Color: Black
    Model: C31N1411

    Asus C31N1411 Battery Fit Laptop Models:
    U305CA6Y30, U305F 13.3 inch, U305FA5Y10, U305FA5Y71, U305L, UX305CA, UX305CA-1A, UX305CA-1B, UX305CA-1C, UX305CA-2A, UX305CA-2C, UX305CA-3C, UX305FA, UX305FA-1A, UX305FA-1B, UX305FA-1C, UX305FA-2A, Zenbook U305CA6Y54, ZENBOOK U305FA, ZENBOOK U305FA5Y71, Zenbook U305UA, Zenbook U305UA6200, Zenbook UX305, Zenbook UX305CA, Zenbook UX305CA (M-6Y30), Zenbook UX305CA-DHM4T, Zenbook UX305CA-EHM1, Zenbook UX305CA-FB031T, Zenbook UX305CA-FB055T, Zenbook UX305CA-FB073T, Zenbook UX305CA-FC004T, Zenbook UX305CA-FC022T, Zenbook UX305CA-FC037T, Zenbook UX305CA-FC042T, Zenbook UX305CA-FC074R, Zenbook UX305CA-FC093T, Zenbook UX305CA-FC167T, Zenbook UX305FA, Zenbook UX305FA-FB003H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB003T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB006H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB006T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB012H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB033H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB126H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB128H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB128T, Zenbook UX305FA-FB142H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB186H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB191H, Zenbook UX305FA-FB192T, Zenbook UX305FA-FC002H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC004H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC004T, Zenbook UX305FA-FC008H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC014H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC158T, Zenbook UX305FA-FC159T, Zenbook UX305FA-FC190H, Zenbook UX305FA-FC225T, Zenbook UX305FA-FC284T

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